I draw your favorite bird or insect spieces!
If you have a request, please visit this site (https://skeb.jp/@HIYORATORY).
※ Whether it is open or close is also described on the above page.

*30dollar/+added other one pose or other one species


*It may be difficult to approve characters who are wearing clothes or whose skeleton is similar to humans.
*The copyright belongs to the author. You can use the illustrations for SNS icons and headers, or you can use them as wallpaper for your computer.
*You cannot request commercial illustrations here. For commercial illustration requests, please email→hiyoya.kokko♡gmail.com(♡→@)

Thank you for your understanding!

※ 募集中か停止中かの有無は、お手数ですがスケブのプロフィール欄にてご確認頂けますと幸いです。